box2d for MaxMSP and PureData

2D rigid body simulation engine for maxmsp and puredata.

original c++ library by Erin Catto

max/pd integration and coding by Charles Bascou

design contributions by Mathieu Chamagne


alpha3 version

updated 13/12/2009


PureData version is for pd-extended-0.41-4 ( help file needs GEM and other 3rd party externals )

Linux pd version compiled on Ubuntu 9.04

WARNING : on Windows ( max and pd ), wildcards naming support is limited. Only one wildcard is allowed and has to be at the end of the string. For example, ground.*.box won’t work as expected, but ground.3.* will.

Known Issues

In Max5, overdrive should be off because the object isn’t thread-safe yet.

It’s Beta software, so some bugs can occur.

Send bug reports to bascou_@_gmail._com (without underscore)